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Dalee Gold Label Page ProtectorsTo help insure that your photos endure, we at Dalee are pleased to offer our exclusive GOLD LABEL PAGE PROTECTORS - the next generation of page protectors for all your photos and artwork.

  • 4.5 mill cast polypropylene
  • Ultra clear with U.V. protection
  • Lies flat, true to size
  • Seams designed for long life
  • Archival quality, 100% photo safe

Gold label refills for scrap, photo and memory albums.
All our refill pages are archival polypropylene that meet and exceed industry standards for preserving photographic materials.


Refills are supplied in 20 sheet packs, or as bulk packs of 100 sheets.  If you would also like Cardstock inserts in black, ivory or white, please see the "Cardstock for Top Loaders" or "Cardstock for Ring Binders" Refill groups.

This group includes the following products:

  Image Price Buy Now Qty

Vellum, 20 sheets, 27# White Vellum, 12x12 or 8.5x11 (SKU: VELM)   (no image) 27# white see thru @ $25.00
Post Extender 1/4, 10 pcs. (SKU: EXT.25)   $5.00
Post Extender 1/2, 10 pcs. (SKU: EXT.50)   $7.00
Post Extender 3/4, 10 pcs. (SKU: EXT.75)   (no image) $7.00
Post and Screw 1/2 in. 10 pcs. (SKU: EXT.5 P/S)   (no image) 10 posts and 10 screws @ $8.00
Post and Screw 3/4 in. 10 pcs. (SKU: EXT.75 P/S)   $8.00
Post and Screw 1.0 in. 10 pcs. (SKU: EXT1.0 P/S)   $10.00
Post and Screw 1.5 in. 10 pcs. (SKU: EXT1.5 P/S)   $10.00
Spine Spacers for 12x12 (SKU: Spacers/12x12)   100 pieces minimum @ $15.00
Spine Spacers for 8½x11 (SKU: Spacers/8.5x11)   (no image) Approximately 100 pieces @ $10.00

We ship our products worldwide.

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