Specialties - Desk Pads, Blotter Paper & Game Cups

Our Desk Pads and cups for pencils or games like dice and backgammon make great gifts. These products are available in most materials and styles. The stash box is a great catch_all for all the little things.

This group includes the following products:

Desk Pad / Blotter Small (SKU: DP22) Desk Pad / Blotter Small
Desk Pad / Blotter Large (SKU: DP25) Desk Pad / Blotter Large
Desk Pad Blotter Paper (SKU: DP PAP) Desk Pad Blotter Paper
Pencil Box with paper (SKU: PBOX) (no image)
Round Pencil Cup / Backgammon Dice Cup (SKU: PC3) Round Pencil Cup / Backgammon Dice Cup
Book Ends (SKU: BEN) (no image)
Memo box with 4x6 paper (SKU: MBOX) (no image)
Stash box (SKU: STBX) (no image)
Stationery box (SKU: STABOX) (no image)

Our exclusive GOLD LABEL PAGE PROTECTORS (available in all sizes) are substantially better than other page protectors on the market today. If you care for your photos you must use Dalee sheet protectors.

We ship our products worldwide.

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